EP Alphabet – ‘Lets start at the very beginning’

By Sara Stewart, Consultant, EP Business in Hospitality

‘A’ a Little word that makes a Big difference.

‘A’ manner of thinking, feeling, or behaving

‘A’ position of the body or a manner in which we carry ourselves

Or even the orientation of a spacecraft relative to its direction of motion…..

This ‘A’ is Attitude – defined as a complex mental state involving beliefs, feelings and dispositions and yet, a word that carries so much gravitas in the service we give and the way we behave to our clients, customers and staff.

What is your attitude? Do we ask ourselves this enough? Do we ask ourselves this at all?

When asked this question we tend to look ‘puzzled’ as generally we do not have a great awareness of our attitude, we will know if we are hungry, sad, cold or happy but generally we don’t have a good understanding or awareness of our attitude and how that impacts what we do, how we do it and how we interact with those around us.

This is a problem – because attitude is everything. It controls the way we see the world and people around us and in turn how they see us.

So how do we change our attitude and how do we monitor it?

Studies have shown that for people who achieve great levels of physical performance, for example sports stars or those who achieve great results in medicine, engineering or Art, (to name but a few) they ‘Visualise’, either consciously or sub consciously, this enhances and focuses their skills.

Nelson Mandela wrote extensively on this in his autobiography – imprisoned for 27yrs, his positive attitude was visualised by what he would do when he was free

“I thought continually of the day when I would walk free. I fantasized about what I would like to do”

In this way we can all look a little differently about how we use and manage our ‘attitude’, it is simple, private and easy to do anywhere, anytime, we can all take a small moment of our busy days to ‘visualise’ how we are or how we would like to be and use this to give best practice, service or help in our businesses and to our customers.

Another simple tool for perfecting ones Attitude is simply Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm allows us all to work more effectively. It allows us to communicate more positively and is translated and seen by others in higher levels of commitment, determination and work ethic.

It is said that our ‘attitude’ can be likened to a flat tyre, if you don’t change it you won’t get anywhere.

Our Attitude is often the result of an experience or upbringing and this can and does affect our behaviour and reactions, but they can also be changed. Visualising how we would like to be seen or how we would like to behave will give us all a better focus on how we use out Attitude towards others and this is such an important asset in the world of Hospitality.

It is said that our ‘attitude’ can be likened to a flat tyre, if you don’t change it you won’t get anywhere. Or the glass ‘half full or half empty’ phrase – how do you view yourself or your attitude to work, colleagues or customers. The ‘iceberg theory’ characterised by Hemmingway, shows that it is just what is seen that is important, the rest goes unnoticed – but that 10% that shows above the water will make all the difference in ones ‘Attitude’

So take this ‘A’ , this little letter that is the beginning of the Alphabet, that holds such a important place, that forms a new beginning, this ‘A’ that is a Little word that makes such a big difference.

This ‘A’ is Attitude.