Entrepreneur’s Pitch – From the chef robot to tasty pearl technology

The Entrepreneurs Pitch


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The Entrepreneur Pitch was held this week at Joelson where 6 entrepreneurs presented their business to a room of industry experts and other budding entrepreneurs.
EP would like to thank the pitchers, all attendees and Joelson for their great spaces which provided the perfect environment for the pitches.

The Entrepreneurs Pitch supports the many new ideas coming into the sector and continues to bring together companies and the innovators.

Below are some images from the event and details on each pitch:

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  • Jools began the pitches with their ‘pearls of goodness’ business. Founder Leo Laforgia explained their pearl technology used in their drink range and food range. Samples of both were passed around the room of the premium soft drink which is healthy, tasty and fun.
  • Samuel Rason and Szelee Lai presented Din Dins which helps Chinese speaking travellers dine out like a local. Their mobile app and website is built for Chinese speakers so they can overcome language barriers, enjoy local culture and save time for restaurant planning.
  • Muscle Cake gave out samples of their baked macro balanced protein rich sweet cakes. Led by Victoria Arnold they explained their home delivery service for their Muscle Cake. They believe everyone wants to eat cake, but nobody wants to undo all their fitness goals.
  • George Hughes-Davies and Ben Tolliday, founders of Daily Dose, provided samples of their cold pressed juices. The young duo explained the health benefits of their juices which are available in many flavours, as well as their cleanses and subscription model.
  • Josef Wasinski, founder of Ample, explained how their app can allow users to spend their money better. They simplify money into 2 numbers – quality of spending and how much. Financial peace of mind and being happy with every purchase.
  • Digital Artisan was presented by Virgil Naslenas. Their kitchen automation is a fusion of collaborative robotics for nutrition, taste and sustainability. Their semi-automated open plan kitchen produces freshly cooked individual meals.


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