Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

Entrepreneurs Making a Difference

EP has long worked with various entrepreneurs seeking either funding or to grow their businesses. We are delighted to be working presently with some inspirational talent bringing new ideas and concepts to the market.

We thought that we would share some of the new entrepreneurs that we are working with……

  • Double DutchDouble Dutch – twin sisters, Joyce and Raissa, who have created new premium mixers for gin and vodka based drinks or which can be served as refreshing soft drinks. The two drinks they have created so far are cucumber & watermelon and pomegranate & basil. Both have distinctive tastes and are excellent alternatives to the normal mixers used.
  • Eco Hotels, the India inspired budget hotel group that has a strong Eco consciousness. The brand has huge potential for growth both in India as well as throughout many developed countries. India has a strong hospitality heritage and Eco Hotels is an addition to that legacy and one which could make great progress over the coming year.
  • Ben WilkinsBen Wilkins, who we worked with last year on his concept “Sustainabus”, has now launched Fluid Motion which is an evidence-based,  swimming pool-based hydrotherapy program. Following combined frustration with the potential cost and waiting times for suitable hydrotherapy and aquatic therapy sessions for patients who needed them, Ben and his partners have drafted a hydrotherapy program which could be delivered at local swimming pools for small to medium sized groups, but where every participant is guided and supported to follow a aqua-rehab program specific to their needs.
  • My Slice – a new Pizza concept created by entrepreneurs Julian and Caroline Davis-Smith who have been to Italy to find the best dough for fresh, excellent tasting pizza slices that can be brought into the concession sector.
  • BarometaBarometa – the experienced recruitment expert, Rupert Sellers, has developed a concept that can take job boards to the next level and start a second generation of job boards that offer a more personalised approach. Rupert was formerly a director of Profile and has built a concept that could make a genuine big difference to recruitment processes.
  • Late Vintage Wines – led by David Kearns who has a passion for wines from central Europe. David is working closely with suppliers in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Hungary to bring some of their excellent products to greater awareness in the UK.
  • GGT6.gifGo Green Tomato – a father-son duo trying to create positive change in the hospitality industry. Go Green Tomato are a newly formed company of industry professionals whose mission is to bring innovative solutions to help combat food waste in the hospitality sector.

We will be hosting an event mid-February where many of these entrepreneurs will be present. If you would like to know more

please contact Arlene McCaffrey

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