Entrepreneurial Spirit and talent in Haiti- how can it be better supported?

Over the last six weeks, EP has been delighted to work with Haiti/Carribbean Tourism Career Accelerator to help support emerging talent on the island. The following article was written by one of their interns on the need for an incubator to support a strong pool of entrepreneurial spirit which exists on the island.

The following article has been written by Bethsaida Beaubrun.

Despite the enormous spirit of creativity that exists in Haiti, entrepreneurs still lack the logistic, technical, financial support systems and the adequate network to bring out the companies that can change the macroeconomic landscape of the country in the future, but to set up these incubators in our region, you must first think of a sector that will help and support our talents and great ideas, the first thing to do to support entrepreneurs is to create, in my opinion a stable climate a safe environment If the country is not stable and insecurity is in full swing there will be no investors.

Then the Haitian state or other companies could subsidize or support certain projects, for example if the entrepreneurs have what is called a customs exemption, this will make imports and even exports much easier depending on the project. In a country like Haiti, we could also have insurance companies to help entrepreneurs in the event of loss.

Nevertheless, to support great ideas and talent I would say that we must put young people under the supervision of responsible mentors who can connect them with investors that will support them, without exploiting or stealing their ideas, but having people you trust in this area is difficult, also a baking system that will give out loans that are more accessible and more affordable, a government that ensures foreign investment, market stability, local currency, update of the education system to prepare the young people to create not just to work.

An Incubator can bring many good things to the region. One of them is recruiting true and pure talent. Contrary to the public’s opinion, Haiti has a lot of entrepreneurs hiding talents, they are just lacking resources and opportunities or they haven’t found mentors to guide them to journey. Incubators can bring that missing parts to the region, and will help in coaching those talented entrepreneurs.

The biggest benefit that could be found is creation of employment. Haiti has an unemployment rate of almost 15% and most of those who are employed have a monthly salary that can barely cover their monthly bills. Incubators can create well coach entrepreneurs who them will create enterprises that will result more jobs creation. That’s the best way to build and boost any countries economy and future.

Despite of all of the instabilities that Haiti is going through nowadays, there are still motivated people who are constantly seeking knowledge, for extra skills, entrepreneurship Therefore, as for me, implementation of incubators in Haiti will be valued. It might be Hard at first, but success will come overtime

A well-funded and fully equipped incubator in Haiti can literally change a lot of lives especially to those who are seeking it, the goal is to find more talents that will create jobs and even change our echo system, I believe that every project that can bring sustainable development in a region such as Haiti is always welcome. As the famous essayist philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson says: ‘’ Do not go where the path takes you, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail ‘’ Haitian youth deserve the trail.