Enjoying the social craft of the past

Conversation, Knowledge Share and Debate – the basis for effective leadership.

Winston Churchill is once reported to have commented that his position as a leader was created by his ability to “talk with authority, socialise with ease and influence without preparation”.

It was once said of President Clinton that he “could charm any room, win over any audience and knew how to make a person feel great about themselves”.

It is true of many leaders over the years and these skills are as important today as ever.

As of September, EP is delighted to be launching:

  • The Hospitality Debating Society – Can you win over an audience through your oratory skills?  The grand old craft of a debate is educational, fun and often thought provoking. Engaging with opposing views and speaking strategically is an essential need and this activity does allow one to interact with a wider community.
  • The Art of Conversation – Social interaction today is too dominated by mobile phones and Apps. There are many that would enjoy time away from the pressures of the constant flow of comms via the phone and just enjoy a relaxed meal and social interaction. Conversation is still the most influential of social skills and there is little more enjoyable than a good dinner coupled with great company.

We also are delighted to announce a series of Discussion Forums and Think Tanks led by EP and asking a series of challenging questions for all to debate and discuss.

Has Company process become more important than swift and effective interaction with customers and suppliers?

There is a grand old story about The Battle of Isandlwana on 22 January 1879 was the first major encounter in the Anglo–Zulu War between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom. In the battle 12,000 Zulus equipped mainly with spears defeated and killed many of the British army’s 1300 in number force.  It is said that a major problem for the British was lack of ammunition and failings in the system of re-supply – in simple terms the process created made it hard for soldiers to get ne Ammo even whilst under attack and being defeated. This, of course, was not the only reason for defeat but process created a barrier to failure.

Business is all about relationships too and one of the most common discussion pieces of the modern era is how many companies are being driven by their internal processes rather than a focus on building great supplier relationships. Has the balance been lost? How important is it to have great relationships between operator and supplier?

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