Enhancing the agenda

Enhancing the agenda with EP

Plenty to get involved with…

There is certainly no shortage of events, forums, get-togethers and campaigns to get involved with at EP. From a new initiative looking to reduce waste in the sector, to the Emerging Leaders evenings and Employee engagement seminars, there is much to intrigue and entertain alike

  •  Getting to know the entrepreneurs – on Thursday 12th February, from 6pm we will host a relaxed networking evening affording operators & leaders in the sector to meet some of the exciting new entrepreneurs coming through and to learn more about the products, services and initiatives on offer. 
  • In partnership with Strathclyde Business School we are co-hosting a “taster session” at the Apex City of London hotel from 5pm to 7pm on Monday 23rd February focusing on the importance of professional development & “setting yourself apart” in an increasingly competitive market. With challenging and engaging presentations from Jochem-Jan Sleiffer, Area VP, Europe at Hilton Worldwide, Alan Wilson, Programme Director at Strathclyde and EP’s own Chris Sheppardson this is a must-attend event for those looking to surge forward in their careers 
  • What do your customers really want and are you offering it to them? In today’s uber-competitive market, it is essential that businesses stay one-step-ahead not only with an enticing offering but with products & services the clients wants. From 8am to 10am on Thursday 26th February, in partnership with ThinkSpace, we will host a round-table conversation with leading business operators, looking at trends in the market and customer expectations
  • How much of your profit is going down the drain? Are you throwing £50 notes in the bin? Putting the ethical issue of food waste to one side, there’s also the financial consideration. A recent report said more than £10 million is being thrown out by hospitality/food-service operators every year, impacting directly on the bottom line. However, this senseless waste needn’t continue. With real, tangible solutions provided by Go Green Tomatoes, the “Waste Not, Want Not” campaign looks to reduce waste by 20% in business in the UK within 12 months and we are looking to engage the support of the wider hospitality community at the launch of said campaign in late February
  • On the evening of Tuesday 24th March, from 6pm, EP are delighted to once again work in partnership with The Canadian Embassy in engaging UK business. Affording guests the opportunity to enjoy some delicious Canadian fayre, in the historic “Canada House”, this is a unique evening to explore what’s (soon to be) available on the British market including geoduck, Icewine and bison!

In conjunction with our business partners, EP are delighted to invite professionals from throughout the hospitality sector to join the conversation. If you’re interested in attending any of the events outlined, please get in touch with Arlene McCaffrey who will be delighted to provide further details on speakers, venues and content.

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