Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Business Leaders in Hospitality Network

Emerging Leaders ImageThere is no doubt that there is some exceptional young talent working in our sector, but there is a void where there should be opportunity for growth and learning. We believe that it is important to create a professional network whereby this emerging group is able to regularly mix, network, build friendships and get good business advice in a manner not usually open to them.

The network was successfully launched in early 2012, and has grown in size and scope to over 400 members with 5 main-stay sponsors and other contributing sponsors. The network combines entrepreneurs of tomorrow with leading seasoned professionals that the former group would rarely get easy access to.

The Emerging Business Leaders Network focuses upon ensuring that the next generation is given the opportunity to breathe and come through. This group of exceptional young talent will be guiding the hospitality industry tomorrow and it’s imperative that they have the right information, knowledge, access and relationships now to be effective then. The concept has developed into an informal network and club of which specifically selected emerging business leaders are invited to join.

Monthly events are organised which are attended not only by the Emerging Leaders themselves but also industry advisors; tax experts; business analysts; political analysts; industry consultants; entrepreneurs; lawyers; industry body representatives; bankers; accountants; Chairman and NEDs among others.

The charm of the network is that as time progresses the ones that are part of the network today are growing in confidence and knowledge. In time we would anticipate that this group will in turn become mentors to the next generation of members behind them, thereby creating a real and tangible link from one group to the next. The concept is based on the old adage that “people buy people” and that the strength of the industry is as strong as the relationships that exist within. Maybe one of the barriers recently is that many have internalised within their own companies without getting the opportunity to see beyond the boundaries of these.

This group has also naturally developed into a sounding board for other initiatives such as the Think Tank. With six different working parties, the Emerging Business Leaders are responding directly to the Think Tank on issues which are affecting the hospitality sector such as international tourism and changing demographics.