Emerging Leaders Network Event – Reinvention with Gavin Brooking

The network brings together people from all walks of life and industries for knowledge share and both personal and business development in a friendly, informal and supportive environment.

Last night’s event was generously hosted by Rob Flinter, GM at the Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel in London where guests had the pleasure of enjoying a very honest and informative discussion with Gavin Brooking on the topic of reinvention.

Gavin, a very successful and passionate hotelier and CEO was until recently running 12 global operations including Excel Hotels and Resorts, the luxury Castello De Nero and Castello Residence in Italy, eWaterway Cruises and Dora Bay Paradiso Hotel Homes in Dubai to mention a few. With 200 emails a day and 5-6 flights a week how did he cope when it all came to a sudden stop?

“How do you reinvent yourself when suddenly the phone stops ringing and your inbox is empty? When you are no longer sure how to refer to yourself in introductions or explain what it is that you do. When suddenly you find yourself at home for longer than you ever have been with your family and kids? How do you find your place and build new relationships especially with loved ones when they have their rhythms and routines which don’t include you without stepping on their toes? How do you find your purpose when suddenly what it was is no longer there? How strong do you actually have to be to be able to reinvent yourself when you have responsibilities and pressures, especially when things don’t always go to plan?”

These and many more honest insights were shared by Gavin and debated in the room as the reality of the often hidden difficulties of changing jobs or selling a business are seldom spoken of yet the emotions are shared by most. With the career life span of a CEO being in the region of 36 months many senior leaders face having to reinvent themselves long before many would have expected to and most years before their official retirement age expectation. How do you do this successfully, retain your drive and ambition especially when you are looking for your new purpose?

The answer? If only there was a single one but the themes that resonated included being kind to yourself and taking off some of the pressure we all naturally put on ourselves, keeping yourself engaged in networks and social interactions, being honest with yourself about what you love and want to do to help you find your renewed passion and just as importantly, cherish the extra time at home with family but be mindful of not stepping too much on your partners turf with your new found presence!