Eat Well, Live Well – A Healthy Indulgence

Eat Well, Live Well

A Healthy Indulgence

The aim of the “Eat Well, Live Well” campaign is very simple – to promote great tasting healthy foods and diets. There is a new generation of foods and products that are emerging that are both excellent in taste and healthy to eat. Our goal is simply to promote great food and diets that will make a difference.

Over the course of the next few months EP will be running features on healthy foods and ongoing trends in the healthy eating sector.

Heaven really is healthy!

Life is a constant battle for most people these days in trying to maintain balance in all areas. Food and drink is of course an integral part of this strive for balance –eating the right (and some of the ‘wrong’) foods, in sensible quantities and at appropriate intervals throughout the day.

Over the last decade we have been lucky enough to see the introduction of many lower fat, diet and ‘skinny ‘ options entering and complimenting mainstream restaurant / cafe and fast food outlets. Many of these are linked to apps and well established diet and planning programmes. These alternative options allow us to live our busy lives whilst enjoying convenience foods or dining out, having a sense of some control whilst still enjoying an active social life!

Despite my awareness of and focus on a healthy balance, I have to confess to not applying the same rules or energy to my choice of alcohol (although I am aware – broadly speaking, that sparkling wines have less calories than wine, slim line mixers are better than their fuller bodied counterparts and that mineral water is probably the safest bet)– and it would seem that I’m not the only one, with work colleagues and friends applying similar principles.

However, there is one option which has completely eluded my analysis over the years – it is in my view completely exempt in this area – my guilty pleasure, Champagne. If I’m lucky enough to be offered then I’m certainly not going to work out the calories. It would be rude to do anything other than relax, smile, become instantly more sociable and indulge myself in that wonderful feeling of (albeit temporary) luxury and indulgence.

So imagine my delight (and hopefully yours too) to discover that the world of Champagne, so steeped in tradition and history and, dare I say, a perception of stuffiness, has finally embraced this modern and healthier trend and introduced a low calorie Champagne. Yes, really!

The arrival of this low calorie champagne means that we can now keep the bubbles flowing (at least as long as funds allow – its price point is mid-range) with far less feeling of guilt.

The marketing spiel says its ‘Extra Brut yet still a delicious and luxurious champagne that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Boasting 0g of sugar per litre, with no residual sugar at all, it is one of healthiest champagnes around.’

I have to confess I had a terrible sense of foreboding that a Champagne that was so on the Extra Brut side could possibly escape that horrible dry mouth after taste – in effect was this all sounding too good to be true ?

So what a sense of relief on first sip to find that this deliciously dry champagne was light, pleasantly sparkly and although of course dry, was really very lovely.

What’s more it’s a trend which is set to continue with low calorie Champagnes set to increase in popularity, particularly now with the much debated introduction of the sugar tax, this clever Champagne, with it’s zero sugar content, will be exempt.

Life just got a whole lot more virtuous.

PhilippaPhilippa has worked in the hospitality and travel industry for 20 years, specialising in brand and concept design, operations and implementation. During that time she has worked for high profile brands including NEXT, House of Fraser, Debenhams, Safeway and the Virgin group. Most recently Philippa was New Product Development Director at Virgin Trains, responsible for scoping the customer experience strategy and ensuring its delivery to support the Virgin Brand umbrella. A creative, customer centric and results driven consultant with a passion for delivering real value at all levels of a business.

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