Do you have a story to tell following the Covid Pandemic?

The pandemic has tested everyone in different ways.
It has changed some lives.
It has given other new opportunities.
Many have served their communities.

It has often been written that the Covid Pandemic has been one of the greatest challenges the industry and country have faced since the second world war. It has certainly changed much. It has impacted on many businesses. It has altered lifestyles, travel, work patterns, fitness, aspirations, relationships and how city centres operate.

A new book is presently being compiled, by a new publisher, with the aim of telling the extraordinary stories of those whose lives and businesses have been challenged, and changed as a result. There are many stories of those who have served their communities with the great spirit of hospitality care.

Do you possess a story worth telling?

Already, stories have been compiled from some of the leading hoteliers down to entrepreneurs who have been forced to change their business models. There are great stories emerging of great fortitude, character, courage and the ability to adapt. These stories showcase the industry in a strong light; of professionals who have cared for their communities, of those who have served in the hardest of times, of those who have adapted against the odds.

There is a comment circulating that January 2022 is the third attempt to start 2020. The last two years were foreseen by very few. No business was prepared. Leaders faced their greatest challenges. In the first days, many faced the prospect of their business’s failing. So many have shown great leadership and fortitude to survive and to prepare for the year ahead.

If you have a story worth telling, please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and we will pass on to the publisher