Do you believe that talent today can start at the bottom and work their way to the top?

In today’s modern era one would think so but sadly the reverse is true. There was more chance between 1955 and 1975 than today according to an OECD Report. Worse, 85% of 18-24 year olds do not believe this can happen today.

By Chris Sheppardson, Managing Director, EP

Surely it is wrong that there are barriers to talent flourishing…

– For great talent to be able to succeed and change lives – most especially when industry can showcase many that have been greater leaders have risen from humble beginnings.

However there are more concerning traits to consider. It is not just that talent seems to have less chance to rise up through hard work and skill but there is a growing decline in trust in companies and in leaders.

· 63% of employees possess a lack of trust in their leadership (Forbes Magazine)

· A minority of millennials believe businesses behave ethically (Deloittes)

· The majority of Millennials do not believe that business leaders are committed to helping improve society (Deloittes)

· 46% believe that progress depends on their social background (Social mobility commission)

· Only 33% believe career progress is related to talent. (Social mobility commission)

· 49% of adults from the lowest socio-economic group receive no training at all after leaving school. (Adult Skills Gap)

· The poorest adults with the lowest qualifications are the least likely to access adult training – despite being the group who would benefit most. (Adult Skills Gap)

To a level the above has always been true but neither are we moving forward? There is a danger that we are almost creating a two tier society where one can not naturally reach the top through hard work and dedication. That would be shame if true.

If it is, one can make a pretty strong argument that it is not helping business as business has become so risk averse, there is a greater fear of failure, greater stress and less accountability. Boards across all industries are complaining about these traits but maybe boards have created their own frustrations?

We need to change this landscape – leadership should be about building trust with their people. All talent should feel it has a fair chance of success. After all, Hospitality needs great people.  Talent is talent. We just need great people who want to aspire to do well.

So giving talent belief again needs to start now

We have, working with us, over 40 industry professionals and over 28 Olympic and International sporting players that want to nurture great talent and help those with skill.

There is a desire for change

Let’s empower talent once again with support and confidence to aspire for better lives.