Do event caterers love Vegans?

Jay Burgesson, Commercial Director at Food Show argues that whilst ever-changing diet trends impacts event caterers, with the right approach they can be embraced to improve the offer.

The event catering industry thrives on the development of trends and their immediacy is a great advantage when we want to improve the customer experience. We use our experience to monitor changes in diet and current flavours to ensure we get it right on whether it’s a trend or simply a passing fad with a shorter life. We embrace the fast-paced movement with creativity and always keep the customer in mind when introducing new delights.

One of the biggest trends of recent times has undoubtedly been veganism. In 2018 it was reported that approximately 150,000 people took part in Veganuary and nationwide 3.5 million people in the UK are now vegan. For some it was a short-term change in diet but for others they have fully embraced the plant-based lifestyle. It is fascinating to see recent reports arguing that the number of vegans have increased 160% over the past ten years alone. The decision to change to a vegan diet is often not just based on health benefits alone but environmental impact too.

Diet trends + exciting ingredients + sustainable seasonal produce = new dishes that our customers love and want to eat regardless of their overall dietary choice.

Supermarkets have growing aisle space now dedicated to vegan products and ‘free from’ ranges.  With increased accessibility and visual presence veganism is expected to continue its growth. Indicators in the food industry also suggest consumers are much more aware of the need to eat less meat and more vegetables and fruit. So for us, as event caterers, it’s all about finding the balance of choice for our clients.

We find this by following our kitchen’s simple yet effective philosophy; sourcing high quality, fresh and seasonal produce. Our chefs pride themselves on being able to trace our produces journey from field to plate. We are passionate about our food and only source from quality producers. Seasonal produce not only tastes great but is often nutritionally better too; this applies not only for vegetables and fruits but meats and fish too.

Max Uyanik, our Director of Food is constantly striving to meet customer dietary needs with his dedicated development team. With our menus offering an increasing range of ‘dietary’ dishes that not only delight the palette but also the eye. This includes our Vegan Cheesecake or Avocado and Dark Chocolate Mousse. Max regularly visits his produce suppliers and with close working relationships this enables us to be 100% sure of what we are serving to our guests.

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