Discussion Forum with Liquidline – Developing Mini-Markets as a good alternative food service option

We were delighted to co-host with Liquidline a discussion forum on the developing concept of mini-markets using smart technology as an alternative food service option. Anthony Groombridge of Liquidline presented more information on a set of ideas they have been developing for such a concept which covers both a variety of food and beverage options.

The use of technology to support the development of fridges, robotic coffee solutions, and retail outlets has been growing in interest and importance in the past few years. However, with Covid and the return to the workplace being something which remains unsure and has changed many business operations – is it time to embrace new thinking and solutions?

It is a concept which has seen growth in the US across all markets – in B&I, higher education, schools and even hotels. Will we see the same take place in the UK especially with employers wanting to keep staff in the workplace to reduce risk? Is it a valid alternative which will appeal to operations as numbers rebuild? Could the modular nature and end to end provision of the solution be the short, interim and long term solution many are looking for and most importantly, could this be a way to help businesses retain some of their onsite hospitality staff who are currently at risk?

A very interesting discussion well worth a listen.