Discussion forum: Is Hospitality provision at large scale events and stadia ahead of the technology curve

Post-pandemic has seen a strong demand for in-person, live events. And customers want a better experience than ever. But are operators keeping up? What are you doing and how can – or is – technology driving innovations in guest experience for you? In late June EP, in partnership with Zupa (www.zupa.com), are delighted to be hosting a breakfast forum to explore how large scale events, stadia and leading cultural venues have developed their operational excellence through technological advancement but is this true?

In this third of our driving best practice in contract catering forum series, we are delighted to be joined by:

  • Kevin Watson, Managing Director, Amadeus
  • Adam Elliott, experienced industry CEO and Consultant.

Both possess extensive experience across leading venue operations across the UK. How do they view the picture? How have operations evolved since 2020 and what is next in development? And what questions do you have, or what experiences would you like to share with your peers?

As the landscape and industry change our best practice forums have been interactive and lively opportunities for peer-to-peer insight, learning and networking.In February, we were joined by Julie Ennis, CEO Corporate Services Sodexo. In April, by three leading experts in the education sector, Richard Taylor (COO, Impact Food Group), Mark Greaves (Group Finance Director, Stowe Schools) and Jayne Jones (Assist FM and Argyll & Bute).

In this forum we explore the landscape different in large venues and stadia where there is high consumer expectations and pressures, and would love for you to join us.

These forum are small events so if you would like to join us, then please email izzy.mchattie today to secure your place.

EP and Zupa have been proud to lead the discussion across the key food service sectors and we be producing a report summary on some of the findings and conclusions to emerge from the discussions. If you would like to learn more, then please also email izzy.mchattie@epmagazine.co.uk to pre-request a copy of the summary to be produced.