Discover India’s Hospitality

Discover India’s Hospitality

EP is delighted to announce a tour to India in early March 2016. The country boasts some of the world’s best hotels, superb service and a real ethos for hospitality. However, it is still a relatively virgin country for foreign investment that has always wanted to break into the market and yet concerned by the business dynamics.

Discover India's Hospitality

Therefore this tour will provide all the necessary detail required for this activity and will include site visits to both Five Star and Budget properties. The Indian hospitality market has always possessed such potential and today is seen to be one of the key industries that can drive inward investment and growth in India.

With a new modern government that is nurturing foreign investment and a desire for increased tourism, India is becoming a powerhouse for hospitality.

Taking in the cities of Delhi and Mumbai, the itinerary includes:

  • Visits to 2 Five Star Hotels
  • Visits to 2 Three Star Hotels
  • Meetings with hospitality service providers, commercial property consultants, tax experts and law firms.
  • As well as meetings with the Tourism Department of the Government of India and the UKTI Offices

The tour will be conducted by Eco Hotels who as followers of EP will know, we have worked with as they develop their base within India. Their budget hotels contain a green conscience and this strong vision has brought a real sea change in discussions with investors. There is a current momentum and so much so that they are working on developing secure models for investors. Now is the time to visit and find out more.

There is a cost for this unique trip so if you are interested or would like more information please contact Ben Butler

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