Digital Detox – The Art of Conversation

Put away the mobile phones and enjoy great food, great wines, great conversation.

EP holds relaxed luncheons and dinners which are designed for those that wish to enjoy the art of conversation combined with great food.  Mobile phones are banned from use and there expert food specialists prepare simple but great dishes with some of the best produce available on the market.

There is also a desire by many just to be able to sit and enjoy great conversation without the distractions of modern life. These sessions are a return to our roots where we will be unashamedly old-fashioned. The dishes will be authentic, genuine and possess their histories. The same with the wines and it is said that the art of conversation needs to be relearnt. If one can combine this with learning and education then we have the basis of something special. 

The events are targeted at those that enjoy meeting new people and wish to learn about food, the produce and its history and roots. The sessions will be interactive and bring new friends together to learn and talk together. Food can be a science but it is also a craft where the simple can be as good as the highly skilled.  Great produce sits at the heart.

Here is the opportunity. There will be no speeches, no lectures – just interactive, informal conversation and learning – what Hospitality should be about.

The Food Academy, who will leading the sessions, believe in great produce prepared by love and care. It believes in allowing for all to learn and appreciate the simple yet key craft of food consumption.

For those interested to learn more, please contact