Designing great events to explain a world fast evolving and changing

As we all plan for 2021, one of the most common observations is a desire to come together once again either informally or formally. Moreover so many want to see greater collaboration and more sharing of knowledge.

As EP plans for 2021, the same is true. We aim to – and are already working on – creating a series of both virtual and live events for 2021 that really do aim to highlight great business, great ideas and great people. We want to give all these groups a platform and really aim to engage audiences with fresh content and thinking through events.

As examples:

Many believe that food service has a major role to play as the UK rebuilds post covid. It will great food service which will sit at the heart of business as it does re-engage teams back into offices. So how will the food service industry change? What is the future of the sector? What lessons have been learnt?

Hotels; How will services and models change? Will food be delivered in? How will room service change? Will there be more co-working spaces?

Sustainability is said to today one of the core components of any strategy, so what is the future evolution in sustainability, in thinking and how it impacts on operators?

Placing people first again. So many have spoken of the need for greater compassion, great focus once again on people but what does this mean? Will industry invest again or is it just saying the words? How can the next generations of talent be enabled and developed?

Leadership is changing. New leaders with new philosophies are emerging. Where will this lead?

Innovation and technology are being embraced with greater focus than ever before. It is said that the industry has caught up ten years in a single year. How will technology sit at the heart of industry in the future? How will it change service?

Entrepreneurs. It is forecast that 2021 will see a 3 fold increase in entrepreneurs and new ideas. What are the next great ideas?

So much to discuss and listen to and it does make for a fascinating year ahead. No one should downplay the problems of 2020 but there is a new energy building for 2021 and it will see evolution and change. Our aim is to create discussions and events which sit at the heart of discussing the changes taking place.