Culture , Food, Art – The Key Trinity of Today

Culture – Food – Art – The Key Trinity of Today

Over the last two weeks, nearly every conversation with senior executives notes that at the moment it feels just intensely busy and full on. I think everyone today recognises that the work environment is as pressurised as it ever has been and the economy is hardly helping.

We may be more technologically advanced than ever before but it does not seem to be easing the pressure and work load.


We all often talk about great technological innovations – shrinking hardware, data connectivity, smart devices – as central features of customer experiences, but have we lost sight of the customers themselves?

How often do companies today talk about the customer experience – about going the extra mile for their customers. It used to be commonplace but today is rare.

However it is not hard to see that the so called customer-centric approach has started to produce some very odd, ‘customer hostile’ results. Everything seems to be a transaction and cold as anything. Technology promises to offer us an easier service but ends up pushing us towards a world where we have ever more penalties and punishments.

So our argument is that the basics have never been more important – great culture at work, people, food and art. It brightens up life – makes it exciting and real.

We need to place people first once again. We need to develop and free up great young talent. Lets encourage great chefs and artists. Lets take the time to enjoy our food, enjoy the spaces we find ourselves in and find a balance in life which does say that service is important and so are people.

That is what we are arguing for.

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