Culinary World Cup 2022 – Aiming to challenge the very best in the world

The hospitality sector may be diverse in its offerings but they share the same problems, including the current shortage of skills and staff. Various trade bodies have voiced their opinions to the powers that be and potential solutions are not easy to find. However, for this industry to develop it needs young talent that are inspired to follow their passion for the culinary arts.

UK Curry Connect (UKCC), is one such trade body from the Asian hospitality sector that has been working on it’s own solutions to the industry’s plight. In 2018 UKCC entered a team into the Culinary Word Cup which surpassed all expectations. Now the challenge is to do the same in 2022.

UKCC have always championed young talent and diversity to represent the culinary skill present in the UK and the future of the hospitality industry. This year, the team will be taking experienced award-winning chefs and mentors, along with aspiring students and showcasing them on the world stage.

Critically applauded and recognised for previous achievements, this year UK Curry Connect have set expectations much higher with more gold medals demanded.

Team UKCC not only represents diversity and inclusion but the rich colour of talent within the UK and inspire the next generation of chefs into the hospitality industry.


In these difficult and challenging times, the culinary team from UKCC want to represent the UK Asian culinary community and really work to support the development of young talent by making its mark at the 2022 Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. However, to achieve their goal, they will need support from industry and sponsors.

In 2018, Team UKCC entered the Culinary World Cup and against all odds won 7 medals, including one Gold Medal! Moreover, they won new friends and admirers for their approach and engagement with the local market.

One local baker even gave up his facilities to support the team’s preparation out of building a friendship within hours of the team’s arrival. It was a heart-warming story that was well publicised.
The team is committed to advancing wider and larger goals including taking along to the Culinary World Cup a group of young talents from colleges around the UK and give them an experience that will inspire them as they work alongside some of the great chef talents from around the world.

The hope is that the story of entering international competitions, like the Culinary World Cup and tasting success will inspire not just the Asian culinary sector, but the hospitality sector as a whole as well as young talent to develop to its full potential. It has become an important part of our food scene, our heritage and legacy and does need some support.

One of the other interesting aspects of UKCC is that it is not led, as one would imagine, just by those with Indian and Asian culinary talents. It also includes talents from the UK and Africa – those from the Army and those from Education. The focus maybe Asian Cuisine but the team is proudly both inclusive and diverse.

This is a team made up of some of the most genuine, committed of professionals dedicated to representing the industry. Their desire is to show on the world stage just what UK’s diverse culinary talents can deliver against the best.

Make no mistake, Team UKCC will be going to win medals this year and lots of them.

It will be exciting to watch!