Creating a new experience to appeal to the senses

As we enter 2019, more and more people are seeking experiences that are engaging in ways that maybe have not always been easily available before. At the same, as daily life becomes ever more dominated by modern technology so there is a greater desire for great traditional arts and skills – food, art, carpentry, music – it is almost that people want to connect their lives to something they can see and touch and lies beyond “the cloud”.

By Chris Sheppardson, Managing Director, EP

So EP is planning to create “dining” special events across the country that do bring together a leading food expert to design special dining experiences with great wines combined with leading art – paintings, photography and sculptures – and music; often from great emerging talents.

“Bringing Food and Art Together”

The idea is to create mini art and music exhibitions to be combined with unique dining experiences that both educate and inspire. We include speakers from the worlds of art, food and wine and these events will be held all in hotels and venues across the country – hospitality venues that want to work with us to be centres that bring local communities together through art and crafts.