Creating a New Agenda


Creating a New Agenda

Hospitable cities
Friday 7th April 2017


EP and eHotelier are hosting a full day Summit which includes a variety of speaker and panel discussions and this is your chance to join in the conversation, learn from others in the industry and help set a new agenda for the whole hospitality industry.
Tickets are selling fast for a limited time at  £150 plus VAT.
It is a unique day, the first of its kind, and looks at five core themes as well as the future of hospitable destinations.
It is also a chance to make sure we enter the somewhat unknown with the right strategy and tactics to ensure that we create real change.

Core Themes

Innovation | Sport | Security |
Sustainability | Culture and lifestyle


Culture and Lifestyle

What is the cultural economy?
How can cities use the creative capital in urban economies? What does it mean for a city to be welcoming and how does that translate into new markets and ways of doing business?

Sustainability – Business, Employment

How do your employees affect the hospitable nature of your business, your city? How important is it to look after staff to help enable a hospitable city, to ensure hospitable businesses, engaged employees focused on accommodating the changing needs of the customer. How does food and mental health impact on this and what can businesses do to best support their staff?

Sustainability – Sustainable Tourism

What is sustainable tourism? Does sustainability really matter to guests? How can your business be more sustainable and take commercial advantage of this opportunity? What role does sustainability play when travellers look for destinations and book trips? Look at how cities are using the increasing importance of CSR and sustainability metrics for decision makers for business travel as a real point of difference.

Sport & Entertainment

How do sporting and entertainment organisers choose host cities, what do they look for in a hospitable city to ensure the best experience for the players, tourists, local community?  How local businesses in successful destinations provide an offering that engages, evolves and considers the needs of both the local community and the visitors. Learn how sport tourism and the sport spectator has changed over the last few years. How has and is the industry had to adapt and change the offer to ensure hospitable experiences. How can business commercially capitalise on sporting/entertainment events


How important is security in tourism? Are hotels and cities being actively chosen based on their safety reputation?  How has security had to change with changing threats? How is technology being used to help protect? How do successful destinations provide a secure marketing message to potential visitors and local community?

The Future of Hospitable Destinations

Hear from different sectors of the industry on their vision for the future of tourism destinations, the importance of being hospitable and what we can learn from other cities and research. Hear from leading destinations on what they are doing to differentiate themselves and compete in the global tourism economy. What are researchers predicting might be the trends of the future in the establishment and management of leading hospitable destinations.


No one else is going to solve the problems we face now, and those we face in the future.

So become a part of the story. 
Legacy is often the reason why we all do what we do. In this sector we serve people to give them an experience. Now we must come together to discuss and debate what’s at the heart of hospitality. 



Usual price £250 plus vat per person.

 To book, please contact

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