Could the interview process be re-engineered? Is it fit for purpose and effective?

This was a question posed by a number of MBA students during a session last week.

Their feedback is worth considering:

  • Most questions are pretty superficial and rarely seek to find out about the candidate themselves
  • Most interviewers do not really listen
  • The process has become too long with many experiencing processes of between 5 and 8 interviews.
  • Too often companies talk at talent and have yet not understood that talent will not simply want the role
  • Automation systems were completely ineffective and worse showed a potential bias which the employer themselves claims not to possess.

So can the process be changed and become more effective?

Other points noted included:

  • How many Job descriptions and specifications really think about the customer and service?
  • Most interviewers do not possess the ability to answer the questions which top talent want to know such as what is the company’s policy and approach to sustainability? On their role in communities and society?

Interestingly, from this group’s perspective, the interview process did not work for them, did not engage them and gave very little to them?

So what can be done to be different?

How can a process to be reimagined to create an approach far more engaging and effective? After all, most would agree that whatever the process is, it should have a focus on the person, their character, skills and abilities.

What is known is that candidates:

  • Want to understand the culture of an organisation and its value so can interviews look at this core point first?
  • Make the process faster and more personal
  • Forget the CV at the first stage and focus on the person?
  • Don’t discuss a title but the experience to be offered
  • Make it personal

Do you agree? What are your thoughts and view on the solutions?