Consultant’s Corner

To launch in July 2023. Creating better understanding and insight- Changing the Industry Narrative

EP, in partnership with MCFM Global, is delighted to announce the launch of Consultant’s Corner this July. The aim will be to bring a fresh voice interviewing once each fortnight, both leading consultants and operators from across the industry to really understand differing perspective and outlooks.
For many, the tension between consultants, operators and clients has been going on for too long. It has ebbed and flowed with the market but in today’s new era, where collaboration and partnership is becoming more prevalent and important, it is our belief that an open narrative and sharing of ideas is important.

The industry possesses both exceptional operators, consultants and contractors and our aim is to bring greater insights into the thinking which often lies hidden away. There are new fascinating insights and stories to be told which can be of value to all sides.

Whatever one says, there has been mistrust which has been a barrier to progress. However, all things evolve and there does feel as though a new, more collaborative era is evolving and it seems sensible to create a framework for better understanding and openness.

The interviews would be live streamed and marketed across social media so it will be open and transparent.
As part of this process, we wanted to bring a new voice to lead the interviews; one who has not been traditionally involved in some of the discussions. We are, therefore, delighted to be partnering with MCFM Global’s lead, Maxcene Crowe who has been a facilities and procurement industry expert for over 27 years working with industry giants JLL, CBRE, Mitie and Engie in recent years. She is the author of “Mobilisation Mastery” which is due out later this year.
Maxcene has written articles for trade magazines and has worked with over 4,000 suppliers worldwide, winning a number of awards along the way.
Maxcene can bring a fresh voice and new perspective which can help break down some of the established biases and invisible barriers.

If you are interested in learning more or being interviewed, then please do let us know.

Maxcene Crowe is a facilities management industry expert who specialises in procurement solutions, mobilisations and transformation. She has been in the industry for 27 years and has worked with 46 global clients for large FM companies delivering mobilisation projects in excess of $180m, across more than 15 million sqft of real estate. Maxcene has previously written articles for FM World and has been a speaker at both Eurofm and World Workplace conferences.
She is an IWFM London region ambassador serving on the committee as their Social Media Manager.
Maxcene is a figure skater, GLEAC gpt mentor and her vision is to inspire, educate and energise the industry whilst making a positive impact and difference in the world.