Collaboration is becoming increasing important in consultancy – but it is not for everyone

By James Greetham, Managing Director & Founder, Sprung Collective

Many have been cynical about consultants for a long time but there is a genuine shift taking place as consultancies themselves have developed their approaches to really add value. The best consultants are objective and can be the best of sounding boards on what is taking place in the market and what solutions can be found. Companies want that support and openness is becoming increasingly important as this builds trust.

These are the most challenging of times and companies need help in finding solutions and be advised on the best course in a far more proactive fashion than used to be the case. The leading consultancies work harder at providing a proactive service which understands their client’s issues rather than what often felt like “cut and paste” solutions. By embracing a culture of service this naturally creates greater openness and customer success management.

Consultants all around the world today are talking more about how they can create frameworks for collaboration, the sharing of knowledge, working to achieve new solutions which can only help companies during these most difficult of days.

It marks a shift in mindset and approach which is important as the challenges of the new norm landscape are still unclear and few have the answers. Most believe that the 4 lead areas of change will be:

· Sustainability

· Digital innovation and transformation

· New models

· Collaboration and strategic alliances that support the ship on its passage.

It is becoming harder to cover all the challenges and objectivity and knowledge possess real premium value coupled with an approach which places the client first.

Companies are open to new solutions too; arguably doors to new thinking has never been more open.

This is a new era of openness and collaboration. It is not for everyone but there is a real shift taking place which will see consultancy become ever greater valued.

James Greetham,
Managing Director & Founder
Sprung Collective