Challenging the way we all think – Think tanks

In a world that is fast and furious…
It is important to take time to
listen, learn and talk.

EP Think Tanks

The ideal is to challenge the way we all think

We are delighted to launch a series of Think Tanks over the next few months that are aimed to bring together experts in different fields to talk and lead debate on key agenda items within the market.

It is said that there is so much information readily available today but there is also so much that is only half-understood or seen. Research has shown that knowledge and understanding of key trends and influences in the market are less understood today than they were twenty years ago.  The counter is that the world was easier to understand in the past. Maybe but even more reason to take the time to understand and discuss ideas for the future.

We are also firm in our belief that there is no better method of learning than through informal, relaxed sessions with one’s peers.


The Think Tanks that we have planned over the next few months include:


  • The Future of cities: Melbourne is the World’s Leading City for Sport; Austin (Texas) for Rock music. London is regarded as one of the World’s greatest cities – how can it move forward its own agenda and profile as a centre of excellence?
  • Sustainability: The Sustainability Agenda is becoming increasingly important and powerful. It is an influencing factor for many of the new generations who do want to change the world. What do we need to know?
  • Health and Sport: Sport and hospitality are converging at speed. How will it impact on service and food levels?
  • Entrepreneurship and Creativity: Original thinking is today at a premium. Hospitality is a natural home for entrepreneurs and innovation. How can we support innovation better?
  • Leadership: How can the industry better support the development of tomorrow’s leaders and ensure that Hospitality is seen to be an industry of choice?
  • Beyond Food Service: The Food agenda is constantly evolving. What are the next trends?

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