Chairman's Lunch & Breakfast Forum

Chairman’s Lunch and Entrepreneurs Breakfast Forum

Both were held in the beautiful rooms at

one moorgate place

Chairman’s Lunch
Chairmans Lunch and Breakfast Forum 1

Our Chairman’s Lunch took place this week at One Moorgate Place with lunch served in the Main Reception room. The domed focal point of the building has light shining through stained glass windows and features striking murals by George Murray. Lunch included a delicious Roast Loin of Venison with Baby Beets and Celeriac Puree and the meal finished with a Chilled Coconut and Cardamon Rice Pudding with Mango and Lime. The thoroughly enjoyable lunch included a speech by Graeme Smith, Managing Director of AlixPartners who spoke about the market prospects in 2016 across three sectors – hotels, restaurants and catering and discussed some of the key themes and influences in each market.

It led to an engaging discussion with the Chairman that included the performance on the High Street, Millennials, consumer trends, premium rates and budget hotels.

For those who would like further details of the discussion please contact Ben Butler.

Chairmans Lunch and Breakfast Forum 3

Breakfast Forum – ‘The Story of Giraffe’

Indicater “The Story of Giraffe – the building of a brand” was the title of forum and included an interview with the founders Russel and Juliette Joffe. They covered the whole story of Giraffe’s development from the original vision, founding and to exit. The fascinating insight also included how the couple believed the team and the people around you can make all the difference for creating a success. Together they have been one of the most influential brand restaurateurs in the last decade and Giraffe was a product in tune with the consumer.

Chairmans Lunch and Breakfast Forum 2

The Entrepreneurs Breakfast Forum was held in the Members Room at One Moorgate Place. The room includes a balustrade bridge designed in the style of the Rialto Bridge in Venice, together with a portrait gallery and display cabinets full of rare books and other curiosities.

Breakfast included Bacon, Cumberland Sausage and Vegetarian Rolls, Danish Pastries, Mixed Fruit Muffins and much more. The menu was perfect for the interactive and interesting discussion which took place.

EP would like to thank…

All of those who attended the two events, One Moorgate Place for providing the perfect venue, IndiCater for sponsoring the breakfast forum and of course our speakers, Graeme Smith of AlixPartners and Juliette and Russel Joffe.

Chairmans Lunch and Breakfast Forum 4

For more information on EP events please contact Ben Butler

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