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A surprising alliance. How Gastronomica can make a difference.

The good news is that the last week does seem to have seen the narrative move away from Covid and onto a focus for business to restart in earnest. There is new hope and confidence developing as well as a desire to fulfill that maxim “let’s build back better” and this particularly includes sustainability.

We do not yet know just...


Founding Principles: Strong cultures = increased productivity and innovation = increased profit. People are important and the key differential to any business. However good AI is, people still buy people. It is important for new leaders to emerge. The importance of contributing beyond one’s own company or self.

The Emerging Leaders Network

The challenge for all emerging leaders is going to one of consistent uncertainty and learning; so it is important to be able to share thoughts with others in a similar position, hear the thoughts of industry leaders as well as build relationships and create a positive outlook.

Our view is that this is an important network as we are committed...

The Community Pillar

We are witnessing a reset where culture, regional differences and community are at the fore. This creates opportunities and change.

There are a number of key learnings to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis and maybe the most important is that many have found something of genuine importance in how communities have reconnected and collaborated together. At the heart of it...