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Hotel Growth Through Innovation Webinar

EP was delighted to co-host with our friends HVS, AlixPartners and Bird&Bird Solicitors to explore how hotels can embrace new models and technologies for future growth.Disruption is everywhere in the global economy and the impact of the Pandemic has accelerated many of the changes caused by this disruption.

The webinar explored:
• Growth opportunities through franchising / management contracts
• Dark kitchens...

AlixPartners Foodservice Growth Report 2021

On the 11th November, we were delighted to welcome a number of key speakers to talk about the challenges facing the industry.This recording of the event shows a thought-provoking and inspiring session which provided expert insight into the sector’s performance and challenges to be faced.

Key speakers included:
• Kate Nicholls, Chief Executive, UK Hospitality.
• Graeme Smith, Managing Director, Alix Partners.

The Global Hotel Industry: In recovery and evolving – EMEA

Last week, HVS hosted three global webinars in the same day starting with one for Asia Pacific, moving to one for EMEA and then finishing with one for North America.

During each webinar, experts from across HVS’s global teams provided their thoughts and insights on how they view the recovery process for the hotels in each part of the world...

Resetting the Balance Sheet to be Fit for Recovery – Event Report

On Tuesday the 5th October 2021 EP were delighted to co - host a hybrid event with Bird and Bird, HVS and AlixPartners which saw over 350 people join virtually and in person to discuss the task ahead of resetting the hotel balance sheet so that it can be fit for recovery.

There were interesting presentations about the fact that...

Why Vested is building in momentum and gaining support from across the spectrum

Over the last few months, we have had the pleasure of hosting a number of discussions in relation to the growing importance of Vested across the market. There is little doubt that Vested is becoming more accepted as an approach. More are understanding its complexities and just how effective it can be. In the following video, the value of Vested is described and...