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The world is changing. Working from home, 10% fitter, happier, more digitally aware and wanting strong experiences & value –led leadership.

As concerns rise of a new lockdown in January, so many are also becoming increasingly aware that models are shifting and changing; that work patterns may never return to how they once were and that city centres will need to reinvent themselves.

The major city centres have been challenged like never before. They will need to adapt and respond just...

What makes EP different?

We want to help create positive change. We are passionate about sharing knowledge and hosting events for the benefit of all as we believe it makes a difference.

Since the start of the pandemic, EP has hosted close to 150 events and published over 860 articles. We are often praised for our organisation, the level of insight we share, the...

Women to Watch & Role Models for Inclusion in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure Index

WiHTL has launched the ‘Women to Watch & Role Models for Inclusion in Hospitality, Travel & Leisure Index 2021’ highlighting an incredible line up of talented female role models with broad experiences and achievements whilst also profiling 14 inspiring role models for inclusion.

At a virtual event, in partnership with the MBS Group, WiHTL celebrated the publication of the third...

Whoever said that success and experience are linked?

There is a new generation of young entrepreneurs on a mission to create change.

One of the strangest myths to emerge in the last twenty years is that experience is needed to ensure success. Whoever said this was true?

Tony Blair famously noted that his popularity as Prime Minister declined the more competent that he became. Arguably...