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The Opening Emerging Leaders Network Virtual Forum

1st September

With The Culture Experiment

Reinvent your world…one experiment at a time.

On the 1st September, we are delighted to welcome the challenging and innovative team from The Culture Experiment to talk to the Emerging Leaders Network.

The Culture Experiment is here to inspire the way we work and live....

The Community Pillar

“Do not just think about how you serve your guest, but on how you impact on the lives of the community around”.

One would think the above was said by a leading hospitality player but in fact it was said recently by a CEO of a leading financial institution.

There is a genuine sea change which is...

As business faces the challenges of a deep recession and Brexit, leadership will be asked to place the service of others at its heart.

How many are really prepared for this?

Business cannot face a much harder challenge than exists at this moment; the pandemic, a deep recession which will be understandably worse than that of 2008/9 and of course, Brexit.

It cannot come much harder and it will naturally create changes. It is inevitable. Life can not just return to...

Does this time create an opportunity for hotels to think differently about their models and approach?

The challenge facing the Hospitality industry is, of course, immense and testing. Many face a long road to recovery, with many still believing that full recovery to 2019 levels will not be seen until late 2022 at best. This is leading to many reviewing their models and approach.

There are hotels are looking towards the delivered in the model and...