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The Sprung Collective – a new food service consultancy that wants to champion the importance of food service for all

James Greetham has been a well-known and popular figure in the food service sector over the last fifteen years. He is now founding, with partners, a new consultancy which he believes can help support the new narrative emerging but which also really make the case for the great potential that food service does possess for the landscape to emerge post-Covid.

A collaboration which can only help all – between the corporate and the innovator

It has long been noted that the corporate needs the innovators and entrepreneurs to constantly challenge them to improve and vice versa, the innovators need the corporates to help them grow. This has long been an alliance, or collaboration, that has long been important and successful.

The economy traditionally thrives when entrepreneurs are able to prosper. SMEs account for 99.9%...

“Youth is the most beautiful thing in this world. What a pity that it has to be wasted on the young” Has Covid taken the fun out of being young?

The coronavirus pandemic has exerted enormous pressure on society and been a catalyst for change that many of us never foresaw. There is a view that we have all changed and all in different ways.

Some forecasts are easy, the development of a cashless society, the increase in remote work, the decline of brick-and-mortar retail and reinvention of the high...