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Hospitality education – is it time for a radical rethink?

Is hospitality education genuinely meeting the needs of students, industry and society?

We are delighted to be hosting two important discussions during September in which we hope you will become involved. They are focused on a priority we all share – developing and nurturing young talent as effectively as possible.

The industry faces some major challenges and...

Getting people to return to offices is not as simple as a campaign calling for it. It needs a commitment to both old school values and the progressive.

The Government this week seems intent on increasing the volume of the message for a return to offices. One BBC report noted:

“Whitehall sources insist the campaign will not suggest those who continue to work from home are at any greater risk of losing their jobs.

Labour's shadow business minister, Lucy Powell, said no one should be...

Wouldn’t it be good if local food styles became more central to our culture?

Over the months, we have spoken much about the fact that food plays a genuinely important role in bringing people together and breaking down barriers, but with the Covid-19 pandemic, many have found a new love for home cooked food, recipes and local produce. Wouldn’t it be good if we could use this as a platform to really promote local seasonal produce and local...

Will September mark the start for new activity levels?

What is your forecast for the next few months?

August has been a relatively strange month as it has been full of mini conflicts with many rural areas reporting bumper activity whilst the major city centres remain very disturbingly quiet. Many are concerned about a second spike yet there is so much evidence of social distancing being breached by the...

The Confidante

It was Michael Bloomberg who commented that “What has changed is that people have stopped working together”. A new service is being created to reverse this trend.
Will it help?

Maybe one of the great truths of this time is that very few are able to forecast the future, understand some of the hidden trends or see the way forward. It...