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The Future of E-Procurement: A Case Study


Purchasing and procurement have become increasingly important to the hospitality sector in recent years, with operators and suppliers working together to find new solutions. One of these solutions may be in the very way business transactions take place. Enter: e-procurement systems.

At the Purchasing Forum yesterday, the conversation took the form of a case study of a company which has...

China’s population is already well over 1 billion

China’s population is already well over 1 billion and growing, but as it stands only about 0.6% of the approximately 16 million people who travel abroad from China venture to UK shores. What, if anything, can be done to increase this market share?

At this morning’s International Forum, Simon Kerr (Group Commercial Director for COMO) and Derek Picot (Board of Directors, Jumeirah) raised some...

Putting a price on a life

“The Recent Corporate Manslaughter Decision and Board Protections” – a legal briefing with Teresa Hitchcock (Partner) and Noy Trounson (Barrister), DLA Piper at One London Wall.