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Placing culinary expertise at the heart of business

Nick Vadis, Culinary Director for Compass Group UK & Ireland, has witnessed first-hand how both Compass and the food service sector at large has changed and evolved in the way that chefs are more directly involved in the business. EP discussed with Nick how this translates on a practical level.

Wholesome Seduction: EP Edition

Wholesome Seduction brings you the latest food and nutrition musings from Clare Garcia. Clare’s blog focuses on observations about current trends, recipes and opinions in the world of eating.

Time for international opportunities and change

As the market has recovered this year, EP has been working with and is in discussions with an increasing number of international countries that either are seeking to develop good working relationships with key UK companies, investors and individuals or to raise awareness within the UK of some of their leading operations and products.

There’s strength in numbers

A panel conversation at the Progressive Hospitality Forum focusing on the merger of Host Management and Catermasters into The HCM Group with Bill Toner, Nigel Johnson and Tony Carr