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Leadership and Generation Y

On October 1st EP, together with the partners showcased below, hosted a thought-provoking and insightful conference that brought together industry leaders to discuss the changing landscape of leadership and the industry’s return to traditional values. This is the second in a series of eshots exploring the topics covered during the event.

An ongoing business challenge!

As the industry comes out of the recession, employers are feeling the effect of a more fluid labour market. Last week at EP’s Leadership Conference, Georgina Gray joined a panel speaking on employee engagement within the hospitality industry. In this blog Georgina discusses the 10 top ways to retain employees and ensure that they are highly engaged. For those interested on the topic of employee engagement EP, in partnership with AMEX, will be hosting a breakfast forum on October 29th discussing different initiatives within the industry.

Breaking down the figures

The amount and true cost of food waste that the hospitality industry produces are a problem that the sector should work together towards fixing. Daniel Truss from Go Green Tomato discusses the aspects of waste within the UK hospitality sector along with its financial implications.

The chef’s buy-in

On Thursday 2nd of October, Compass Group UK & Ireland and EP hosted their second forum from the series of events looking at supplier-buyer relations. This time, the discussion focused on how Compass has placed chefs at the heart of the procurement process.