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Woody Wade on Scenario Planning

Well, they may not directly affect the UK hospitality market, but the events in Cyprus are truly astonishing, don’t you agree? I’m reading this morning that some politicians and advisors are telling people that if they have any money in a bank in southern European

Thinking about the future

Woody Wade is a writer and advisor on scenario planning. His blog discusses the questions and perceptions around scenario planning and its relevance to business in the current climate

The jam co-operative

Mindful of your hectic lives and consequent, I’m told, reluctant erring towards potentially waist bulging ready meals, I’ve also blogged my fridge staples. Giving you countless, quick fix options for eating your way to your beach body

The Lost Generation

It has often been asked over the last few years “Where are the leaders of tomorrow?” We think most people will recognise this discussion point, yet the reality is that they have always been there but have not become visible leaders for a number of reasons