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Annual Awards of Excellence Lockdown Awards

Honorary President: JASON ATHERTON: Chairman of the AAE: JOHN WILLIAMS MBE; Joint Chairmen of Kitchen: MARTYN NAIL & HYWEL JONES; Joint Chairmen of Pastry: YOLANDE STANLEY MCA & SARAH HARTNETT; Joint Chairmen of Service: SERGIO REBECCHI & JOHN COUSINS


The leading lights of the hospitality industry came together on...

WiHTL Finds Progress in D&I is an Increasing Priority for Hospitality

The recently released WiHTL annual report has found that promisingly, despite an extremely challenging year for the HTL sector, female representation has increased at Board and executive committee level. However, the proportion of women at direct reports level is lower than it was last year. This setback, shrinking the pool of available talent from which to draw Board and executive committee roles, could...

The unspoken question is whether lockdown has dumbed many down?

Many are noting that their people are way off the pace. What is to be done?

There have been so many articles on the anxiety that many feel post lockdown, on the mental health impact and the struggles that many face socialising with ease again; but strangely one of the biggest impacts being quietly noted is just how many are...