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Introducing Kontentigo

Last Saturday evening, we were delighted to partner in the launch of a new members club founded to bring people together through a celebration of great food and the cultural arts. In these strangest and most difficult of times, it is important to enjoy the most simple yet important of pleasures.

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Celebrating “Women in Food”

Compass Group UK & Ireland has committed to further supporting the development of female chefs, through their Women in Food programme. Marking International Women’s Day (8th March), Compass hosted a networking event for Women in Food, bringing together chefs, female leaders and representatives from its Executive team.

The event took place on 4th March and was held alongside the...

Time to stand up for Entrepreneurs.

David and Goliath need to become the best of friends.

History will tell us that the economy traditionally thrives when entrepreneurs prosper too. Pretty logical as this group makes up a large slice of the market. However, it is deeper than that. The Government...

The foodservice sector is at the forefront of the battle to combat obesity, poor nutrition and mental health.

Now is the time to celebrate the Scottish educational establishments that are leading the way.

There is increasing acceptance that the need to nurture the young is not simply confined to education; in fact, it includes everything that surrounds the entire system.
Schools have been working hard to create new solutions which aim to support young...