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The EP Weekend People Story: John Campbell

John Campbell, sometimes known as the ‘Cerebral Chef’ is an internationally acclaimed fine-dining chef. During his thirty years in the industry has written numerous cookbooks for the industry and domestic markets, he also held various positions at Michelin-star establishments. He recently spoke at a WMT Hospitality & Leisure event about his plans for a new set of ventures under the name of John Campbell restaurants. EP was present to hear about the story so far

The Power of Networking

There are few people who would doubt the benefit of business networking and the impact that this can have on both professional and business development.

Perfection or imperfection?

Philippa Cresswell of EP Evolution discusses the highly topical challenge of established brands thinking and acting ‘local’ to drive engagement and innovation with customers

The EP Weekend People Story: Jax Coco

In this issue we profile the story of Max and Jane Gottschalk, who co-founded Jax Coco. Based in Hong Kong, the successful couple are seeking to build a distinctive coconut water business that stands apart from other players in this market