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Leadership in a crisis – it is not pretty nor is it comfortable but it can be inspiring.

We have written within numerous articles and on numerous occasions about leadership, about inspiring young talent to aspire towards leadership and about the privilege and obligation which leadership bestows.

However, where we find ourselves in this virus and fear ridden situation, where our industry and the people therein are being taken to breaking point, leadership has to...

Core Values of Hospitality have never been needed more

Article by Prof. Peter Jones
Director eHotelier 

The world is a very different place from what it was a week ago and it will be a very different place in six months time. The disruption, the discontinuity and the very upheaval to the social fabric of society has changed all of our lives completely. There is no "normal" and those...

Skills for a digital world feeds Birmingham’s Homeless

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT has today made a donation of 250 lunches, which were due to be provided to delegates of their Skills for a Digital World 2020 event at the ICC, to Lozells Methodist Community Centre.

The one-day conference, scheduled for Thursday 19 March at the ICC, was aimed at addressing the skills needs for society’s...

2020 will have tested everyone.

Much will change as a result-behaviours, leaders and attitudes. A more compassionate approach too.

One of the most striking aspects of 2020 is that we are only 10 weeks in and already there have been no few major new stories and dramas. The Australian fires seem almost like a long time ago. The Iranian passenger plane shot down too.

Introducing FairTipShare

Last Tuesday saw the formal launch of FairTipShare, a new body created to promote best practice in service charge and tipping across the Industry.

Even in these strange times, it is very important to create a sense of trust and clarity with both the consumer and with employees – maybe especially so with all the crisis’s that have...