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The Art of You

A recent report estimated that 52% of those aged under 30 lack confidence their world knowledge, ability to build trust with senior people and in how they present themselves. Can we correct this?

“The Art of You” is focused on helping coach people of all ages on how they socially interact with others and develop their own knowledge. There are...

Personal Insights into leaders and careers

Over the last few weeks, we have interviewed a range of leaders of their personal insights on leadership, careers and the importance of both success and failure. We have heard many stories emerge from being kidnapped to moments of great kindness by strangers to how moments of despair have often been the catalyst to success.

In the below short interviews,...

“The old saying that trust needs to be earnt is wrong. Trust is a choice. If it needs to be earnt then maybe there lies the problem”​

This was a comment made in a recent interview and is a fair truth. It has been well documented that trust has been in decline for many years. Many point towards the 2008/9 Crash as the starting for the real decline, others to increased process, others to the increased demands from stakeholders, others point towards social media. Forbes note that over 63% of...

A Noughty Afternoon – alcohol free sparking Chardonnay tasting event

EP, in partnership with Betterwithout app and Thomson & Scott were delighted to co-host a Noughty Afternoon which involved a tasting of Thomson & Scott’s first organic, vegan alcohol-free sparkling Chardonnay called Noughty which contains 0% alcohol content and almost half the sugar content of traditional alcohol-free sparkling wines