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How will life change post lockdown? What are your thoughts? Let’s have a conversation.

Over the last few weeks, there have been a number of ideas proposed for how working patterns, office environments and services may change.

  • There are a number of new ideas emerging for how service many need to re-engineer itself, including personalised face masks – designed to characters from the world of cartoons and marvel. Even simply personalised face masks so that...

The Challenge of Life Post Lockdown

Covid-19 feels like it has been a disastrous part of our lives for months now when in reality it is just over 3 weeks since the lockdown, causing most of the Hospitality industry to come to a total standstill overnight. With job losses, financial and medical insecurity and some very difficult decisions to be made, it has been the most trying of times.

HIT Scotland launch new App for home learning

Learn @ Home with HIT Scotland

In these different and challenging times when we would normally be getting the industry together at our events around the country, plus delivering scholarships locally, nationally and internationally, we all find ourselves in a unique situation which is having a major impact on our industry globally. 

We recognise and applaud all...

Is it back to local, not global?

One of the on-going discussions is just how countries will become stricter over their national boundaries and that countries will once again begin to rely on their local solutions rather than a global supply chain. This is following news reports today that both the French and the Germans are looking to repatriate the critical supply chain.

It is understandable and...