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The Evolution of EP

We bring Industry together to talk & connect

Since its founding, back in 2005, EP has evolved from being primarily a magazine and the hosting of forums to become a business that brings people together through events and content. In truth, little has changed. EP was originally founded to champion real debate on key issues and push back against the...

The re-emergence of the Chef Patron?

Many Chefs across the country are reinventing themselves

One can debate when the greatest eras have been for Chef Patron operations. In France, it has always held a great legacy through the generations. In Britain, one can argue that the concept has been “glorified” with the concept of the Celebrity Chef – Marco Pierre White, Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay, Heston...

Contract Catering is changing

Balanced Food is a modern food service player; breaking new ground, not seeing the traditional boundaries of old.

It has been a very difficult time for the foodservice sector. For a number of months, many genuinely believed it would all return to a level of normality which reflected life pre-March. It has felt that October brought a new understanding that...

The industry has a great legacy of leaders

Now is time to prepare the ground for future generations.
This week see the launch of a new book “Time for Change in Hospitality Leadership”, published by Business Experts Press out of the US, and which seeks to challenge readers as to what are their expectations and views of leadership?
Most especially at this time, leadership is a constant challenge with a background of uncertainity....

Redundant and facing lockdown? Now what?

As one observer noted, the new lockdown is hardest on those already lost their jobs and wondering what the future will hold? Many are concerned about the mental and financial strain placed on many good talents across the industry: let alone how great talent can be retained.

All fair and, as many argue, the most important emotion most require at...