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Oh captain, will you stay with the ship?

One of the great untold stories about the Covid pandemic has been the many General Managers, all across the world, who were separated from their families as they stayed with their hotels & teams in often another country during the pandemic. It illustrated Hospitality leadership at its finest.

There are growing concerns over behaviours post-pandemic…and more desire for those who can excel. The solution is easy.

It is almost on a daily basis that we receive reports of poor behaviours being shown across all markets and disciplines. This, in turn, has raised an awareness that there is a clear link between those who are able to excel and good behavourial traits. It is argued that one can tell who will do well from the way they treat others and...

It is forecast that 50% of UK’s Fish & Chip Shops could close over next 5 years. Will the market divide in ways not seen since the 1970s?

It is a striking forecast and the logic is simple - The price of oil used in deep fat fryers is surging because Ukraine and Russia account for more than 50 percent of the world’s production of sunflower seeds. With sunflower oil supply set to be squeezed dramatically this year, the price of alternative forms of cooking oil is also rising rapidly. Add...