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Ritrovo – Supporting and Developing all talent, regardless of background because everyone deserves a bright future.

One often hears the phrase, "talent is talent" and it is true, all talent is talent and all talent really does deserve the chance to be developed and nurtured, regardless of their start in life or where they may find themselves at points during their life.

It is also fair that some talent needs more nurturing than others and bespoke...

If things could not get harder, some are forecasting a stock market crash – but is it the start of a new focus of economics emerging?

Companies are facing challenges all around them and now some experts are forecasting a new crash on the stock market; others argue that it will just be a much-needed correction of between 10-15%.

Or is just a new economy emerging?

There have been a number of great crashes over the last century including the horrific ones of...

Knowledge and insight is of premium value. Come and join the debate.

One of the most common frustrations expressed by leadership teams has been the “intellectualisation” of problems with little real solution resulting. Companies are fighting fires on all sides and many senior executives are struggling to find solutions. Many have opinions but one of the frustrations is often these have been led by narrow perspective with real little evidence or insight.

What has changed?

In recent weeks, EP has been running a series of features posing the question as to what has changed. Interestingly, one young food service company has challenged the norms.

As numbers begin to return to offices, many food service companies are breathing a touch easier but still a central question does persist – what has changed and are companies prepared...

In a complex world, we simply seek to ask the questions which few others pose

This is arguably one of the most challenging periods of time to have been faced. The economy is facing a major challenge but maybe not for the reasons that most believe. Economic structures were simply not set up to deal with Covid, Brexit and growth all at the same time. The system is overloaded and at the same time, many people have changed...