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The Emerging Leaders Network

There are times in life, when people want to belong to something more.

The Emerging Leaders Club…aimed to enable talent
and share knowledge

Do you want to belong to a network where you can share ideas and knowledge? Where you can learn from others? Where you will be supported and promoted?

Life today has changed....

The Community Pillar

It is a strange irony that so much has been written about globalisation and brands over the last decade and yet, when Covid-19 has come calling, many have found greater joy and pleasure in localism and rediscovering communities, and of course, hospitality can play a key role as it sits in the heart of every community.

As more and more...

ISS Food Services Launches Simply MADE ‘Back to Work’ Solution

ISS Food Services has launched Simply MADE – a new take on its established MADE brand which elevates safety, health and well-being whilst exploring inventive ways to deliver engaging dining experiences in the ‘new normal’ world.
Built on four key principles of simplicity, elegance, relevance and viability (or ‘SERV’), Simply MADE has been created to provide clients and their communities with the confidence to...