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New Book to be released in November

In November, we are delighted to announce the release of the book “Time for New Leadership in Hospitality” which explores the need to free up younger generations into leadership roles and to understand some the dynamics impacting on business all across the world

The Confidante

Feeling low?
Trying to make sense of this mad world?
You are not alone.

Last week did feel like the lowest point of the saga that is 2020. We are conscious that there will be many who feel low, sad and concerned about the future. Many leaders feel concerned for their people, both those we are still with their companies and those...

After a difficult week for the industry, is it time for alternative ideas and thinking to support talent and create new revenue streams?

It is a week which has perhaps raised more questions than provided answers and it is one which has caused many leaders to feel sadness and concern for the young. Many have felt exasperated with the new financial scheme proposed as it will inevitably result in more lost jobs. It was hoped that the scheme would reflect the one in Germany which gives...

“ How do we make offices become “homes” where people want to be?”

It was an interesting question posed yesterday after our article piece “Reset to Rebuild”. The point is valid; many do not wish to return to office environments as they were which were often quite sterile, lacking in culture and social interaction and where many saw leadership as almost a control function.

This last point came up in another forum we...