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Co-creating a stronger Hospitality; Academia and Industry come together and focus on best practice and the future of nurturing talent.

On Tuesday, EP was delighted to host an important forum discussion between leading University educators and Industry. In partnership with the Council for Hospitality Management Education (CHME) and supported by academics with hands on experience in industry from across the UK and Europe, academics met with hospitality professionals to discuss and debate the future of hospitality.

There is no hiding...

Many feel disillusioned about the standard of recruitment. Fairly so but the pendulum is swinging back towards great personal representation

Careers have long been hard to build and recruiters used to play an important role in working with some of the industry’s leading talents in guiding their careers.

Back in the 80s and 90s, recruiters played leading roles in industry. They were central and many of the leading players were well-known figures. Since the advent of job boards, this...

Innovation is Intentional

Innovation is no longer a luxury in an ever-evolving world where businesses face a wealth of challenges.

The sheer pace at which the world is changing means innovation has to be both conscious and consistent.

Consumers have changed and continue to do so. Their demands and need for a personalised service impacts on food service...

What happens once a CEO – or a business owner – leaves their post?

Is life just about the money and position?
It is far tougher than many realise.

A few evenings ago, we hosted a thought-provoking, almost moving event when a senior CEO spoke of how his life had changed after leaving his post. He had resigned for all the right reasons but nothing had prepared the ground for the mental challenge that...