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Eko launches new parent company Amity, Acquires Leading AI Developer, ConvoLab, to Accelerate Global Expansion

Bangkok - 30/06/2020

Digital tools have become the leading solutions to ensure business continuity during the past few months. With companies shifting to digitizing workplaces and businesses during the current pandemic, they have continued to embrace digitization even post COVID-19. Today, virtual workspace technology platform Eko further accelerates this digital transformation with the launch of its parent company — Amity.


Returning to Work and The New Normal

By Liz Forte, Health and Wellness Director
at Compass Group UK & Ireland

At Compass, we provide workplace catering solutions that keep staff healthy, happy and productive, in order to drive productivity and business performance. We’re used to serving approximately 250,000 meals in 700 food sites every single day – however, like everyone else, we are now navigating our way towards...

Hospitality can rebuild by becoming the voice of their communities

It has been written many times that more and more people are seeking something which is genuine and authentic, so they are turning to their heritage and roots. Culture sits right at the centre of this search and is something that everyone does relate to in one form or another. In recent years, there are many communities who have been seeking to renew...

Maybe this has been a good test for how we all can adapt and change?

It has shown the best of behaviours too.

There have been so many articles for how difficult this period has been and the understandable economic fallout which may well bring harder times for many. However, there have also been great examples of how many businesses have adapted and changed and also some heartwarming reports of genuine compassion being shown by...

“Proud to be supporting both the Country and the NHS”

The NEC is one of the primary sites for the new Nightingale Hospitals that have been founded to combat Covid-19. 

EP spoke to the Amadeus team central to supporting this effort.

There are many hospitality operators who are sitting in lockdown, frustrated and wondering as to what the future may hold. For others, they have found their...