Can you imagine a world whereby the GP visits you at home?

Can you imagine a world whereby the GP visits you at home?

Can you imagine a world whereby the local doctor suddenly offered to do house visits again? Faith may increase again in the NHS. Imagine the local bank manager having coffee with local clients – banks would be more trusted again. Business has become transnational and created its own issues.

Like it or not, life and work needs a personal touch

Take this away and people withdraw a step. There is a recent article noting that the millennial’s are leading the move towards work on a freelance basis. Maybe true and it is logical but the real point is that they are opting out for fair reason – because they do not feel included and cared for by companies.

Wouldn’t it be great to see trust return to business life and for this to happen, there needs to be greater service levels, greater empathy and care for people.

The counter is that this creates less control and higher cost but it also probably creates greater sales, greater loyalty, friendships and long term sustainable business.

The 1970s and 80s were a difficult time and had three recessions in ten years. Yet companies in that period of time invested twice as much (relatively) into training and development and were far stronger in relocation packages, and employee schemes.

Why? Because they understood the importance of people.

Can a process really beat trust? Unlikely. Most will agree and yet there are very few relationship sellers active in the market.

The fear of failure and the rise of the gig economy are not social phenomenon’s, as often described, but are process-made. And one’s that need to change.

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