Can Change Really Be Generated?

Can Change Really Be Generated?

After recent articles that we’ve been running, it was interesting to receive the following, “You talk about very big issues. Is it really likely that change can be achieved? Or is it all just good for discussion?”

A fair question – but here is the point. All the issues that sound big can be changed through some changes in behaviours – and not dramatic ones. The core issues have been created through a decline in trust in business, in leadership and in institutions. What is needed is a return to a more personalised approach to relationships with customers and employees and business to work with arguably a higher standard of trust and integrity.

The argument is to say this is unlikely to be achieved.

Fair, but pretty poor given all the fine words that we all hear daily from business, institutions and leaders. It is simply a case of walking the talk and making sure that people rather than technology is the leading thought?

Most leaders grew up in an age when they were invested in, when they were empowered to be accountable, when they were allowed to make mistakes and they could have fun at work. All we are arguing is that this same support should be given to emerging talent? Many of today’s Chairman were first Directors in their late twenties or early thirties and were given the opportunity to make mistakes and lead. Today the average age of a first time Board Director is 40. Are we really saying that talent is that much worse or is business that more controlling?

We argue that change can be generated if business understand that trust and having a genuine relationship with the customer comes first and employee should be the foundation stones. Profit is fundamental but sustainable long term business success will come from trust, loyalty and culture. So if thinking and behaviour can change, for all the right reasons, then the answer to the email is “Yes, the big issues can easily be solved, if there is desire to do so”.

Business should be personal because it does directly affect families, communities and young talent.

Every company has a wider responsibility that is sometimes recognised and our argument is that this reality should be on the board’s agenda and if so, change will happen as it will naturally create a balanced approach.

Behaviour makes all the difference.
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