Campaigns for positive change

As a leading communicator on business thinking and opinion in the hospitality industry, EP is perfectly positioned to support companies and the industry. This is completed through business facilitation, storytelling and engaging external markets but equally as importantly campaigns.

Each campaign is crafted by listening to the market and EP’s role is to act as catalyst and facilitator. There is much negatively when it comes to people, the state of the industry, how different sectors tell their story and overall perceived view. However, it is not all doom and gloom as campaigns, which companies collaborate and partner with, can make a positive difference and raise the bar. It cannot be done alone but each of the following campaigns have the power to create real change.

Current Campaigns

Leadership Development

The aim: to change people’s thinking around leadership.
Through real inputs and discussion, we are developing an agenda for the industry and beyond.

Art In Hospitality

Over recent years we have observed an increasingly love affair with food, especially towards fresh produce and nutrition, but there has also been a renaissance with art.

Emerging Leaders Club

The Emerging Leaders Club (ELC) brings together emerging talent from across the globe and from within the worlds of business, industry and sport – for the purpose of knowledge share, mentoring and coaching, growth, shared value and connectivity.

The Hospitality industry can be the Social Force

Our driver is that as the world becomes ever more connected and aware, it seems to be also becoming more lonely and aggressive. Something needs to change.

Food at the Heart of Culture #FuellingProductivity

A campaign targeted at C-Suite/Boards of organisations, commercial venues and stadia, schools and universities that will showcase how the Food Service sector can have significant financial and productivity impacts.

Innovation in Business: Supporting Entrepreneurs

EP introduces many entrepreneurs to leading players across the sector. This ranges from pitching panels with invited entrepreneurs to networking events where all are encouraged to be open to ideas.


It is important to recognise that the core rationale is about placing people and teams back at the forefront of thinking. There is a powerful argument for leaders and boards to consider

Millennials are the leaders of tomorrow

Millennials are the leaders of tomorrow is part of the EP campaign entitled The Leaders Class. The aim of the new initiative is simple: changing people’s thinking around leadership.

One & All Foundation

The One & All Foundation was founded to support all talent, regardless of origin, background, gender, sexual orientation, or age. Talent is talent. We want great talent to be nurtured and encouraged and the traditional barriers to be stripped away.

Digital Detox – The Art of Conversation

EP holds relaxed luncheons and dinners which are designed for those that wish to enjoy the art of conversation combined with great food.  Mobile phones are banned from use and there expert food specialists prepare simple but great dishes with some of the best produce available on the market.