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“From Classroom to Boardroom”

From Classroom to Boardroom” – ideas and insights from some of the Industry’s brightest emerging leaders who attended the 2 year Executive Masters course on the Hospitality and Tourism programme at Strathcylde Business School. The programme was a collaboration between Strathcylde, Cornell and EHL and supported by HIT Scotland. Those, whose insights will be published, includes the likes of:

  • Angela Vickers – CEO, Apex Hotels
  • Joanne Taylor-Stagg – General manager, London & Regional properties
  • Jochem-Jan Sleiffer – Area Vice President Northern, Central and Eastern Europe at Hilton Worldwide
  • Thomas Healy – Senior Vice President Asset Management – Strategic Hotels and Resorts
  • Gerhard Struger – serves as Regional Vice President of Turkey and Eastern Europe at Swissotel
  • Milan Arandelovic – Area General Manager Benelux – Hilton Worldwide
  • Peter Stack – Head of Asset Management – Accor Hotels at Amaris Hospitality

From Classroom to Boardroom” takes published summaries of the dissertations from those that attended the course and utilising academic learnings, provides ideas and solutions to some of the main challenges faced by our industry today.”
The topics covered will include:

  • Developing the Hospitality Leaders of Tomorrow
  • The Changing Role of the Hotel General Manager
  • Developing a Hospitality Leadership Strategy for Generation Y
  • Social Media and Employee Recruitment
  • The Role of Fear in Decision Making
  • Boutique and Lifestyle Brand Positioning
  • Recession and its Implications for Hotels
  • Realising the Full Potential of International Sporting Events
  • Developing an Innovative Corporate Culture
  • Developments in Hotel Technology
  • Service Recovery in the Hotel Industry
  • The Impact of General manager Succession Policies

Over 20 thought provoking studies engaging those that enjoy learning from others and seeking to expand their own knowledge.

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