But we will walk 400 (Kilometres) and we would walk 400 more

♫ “And when the money, comes in for the walks we do. We’ll pass every penny on to charity”

The EP team and many friends of EP who seek to develop their emerging talent, broaden their horizons and grow as leaders will be venturing into the beautiful countryside and separately walking across Italy, France, Austria and Kenya all in support of charity.

We would love your support in raising money for two special charities.

A huge thank you to those who have already kindly donated.


The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – Adopt a School Foundation

Adopt a School is a national charity that teaches children about good and cookery. They reach over 20,000 children each year and deliver fun lessons with professional chefs – who are all members of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts. Aimed at Primary children, Adopt a School encourages them to develop an essential understanding of taste, fresh ingredients, where food comes from and more.

Olympic Gold Medalist Crista Cullen’s Tofauti Elephant Charity 

Crista Cullen MBE is a Olympic Gold Medal winning English field hockey player. Her life and work today has turned towards elephant conservation.


Your support is greatly appreciated. For more information please contact Lauran.Bush@epmagazine.co.uk

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