Business is not Just About Strategy but about Character

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Business is not just about Strategy
but about Character

The modern business world is not easy – just look at how many pundits have been wrong in the past year. Running a business today is arguably more difficult than it has ever been as everything is more transparent and people are more judgemental.  Business needs young leaders breaking through, those that want to be accountable and to be judged.  Business is competitive and it will put up a fight to anyone that wants to be different, create change and do best by all.  Leadership means accepting both success and failure; the good and the bad – it requires life skills but there is less onus on the system developing rounded character than there is the bright and intelligent.


Trump may split opinions but his belief that politics has lost the trust of the average man is probably true. His view that politics has become fat on the back of others resonates with many. Where he loses people is on his personal values.

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The argument is that there are not enough putting their hands up to be accountable and to take the fore as leaders. This generation may be the brightest and most strategic in thought but few have taken on leadership. One can counter by pointing to the young innovators and creators. Very true but entrepreneurship is a calling. Entrepreneurs have no choice. They are different and this generation of entrepreneurs are opening new ideas and concepts that do create change but we need to see the same in all businesses.



One of the major changes of the last decade is that the emerging generations do not want businesses to be just about profit without a contribution to the greater community and without a greater vision.  Business to can make a difference as business leaders can also be society’s leaders as the old structures struggle.

Hospitality has an opportunity to be real leaders within communities – via hotels, restaurants, pubs and via their use of local suppliers and produce.

But we need to see more put their hands up, to be bold and lead the way.



The young generations have been trained with a greater focus on exam results rather than life skills. Leadership is about real life. It is about thoughtful leaders considering and leading others. It is about thinking of solutions that are not taught or the path well trodden. It is about conviction, bravery at times, but more than skill.

It is about character.

One of our aims is to use the knowledge of the proven and experienced to help nurture the emerging.  It is not an easy challenge but we can create a framework that really helps nurture leadership. To develop skills outside the classroom in order to reach the boardroom. By bringing these groups together we can harness real insight, to cultivate real life learning and explore new business solutions by thinking differently.

The fast pace of the business environment is todays norm, but to stay ahead of it businesses will need to free-up actioning, give leaders freedom and support to develop their own personal values.


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