Building a framework of collaboration to develop stronger future solutions for the post-pandemic world

Today so many talk about the importance of collaboration and alliances and this has been at the centre of our own recent developments as we have seen a number of new partnerships be formed to make a stronger argument and support for change.

The lockdown period has been difficult for everyone but we have been hopefully preparing the ground for post lockdown in a number of areas:

· Sprung Collective – a fresh approach to foodservice consultancy led by James Greetham with an eye for an open, partnership led style between clients and outsourced partners.
James shares our belief in the importance of food service in this market and the role that it can play in the world post-lockdown. Already, the Sprung team are working with a number of clients across various markets to help them achieve their full potential.

· HEMP – a partnership with the talented Hattie Mauleverer to support clients organise events in the post-pandemic world and actively promote the importance of events.
The view is that events will bounce back in the second half of 2021 with a forecast of an 8% increase against 2019 levels. Let’s hope this is true and our aim is to create an exciting new service offer to support this.

· The Leader’s Journey – formed with a mission to connect young people with accomplished leaders from all sectors, to inspire leaders of tomorrow. We are preparing to launch an App in May which will allow many young talents, from schools to universities to work, to be able to access, for no cost, the thoughts and learnings of leaders across all sectors from law to hospitality to sport to business. The App will carry access to many videos and lectures but also include the personal insights of over 120 leaders as to their inspiration, their successes and failures. As we have recorded these, we have heard some fabulous personal stories which really should make a difference to those who want to learn and grow. There has been a superb response and our thanks to all who are getting involved.

· The Sustainability Show – a partnership between liked-minded individuals from across Europe with a core belief in sustainable business, social, cultural and environmental practices. Our aim is also to create a festival-style event that celebrates great actions, initiatives and sustainable business. The show is being planned for 2022.

· We also aim to have created a Fuelling productivity platform in Q4 2021 to promote the importance of great food service. Food is very much central to the show as one of the core principles of Fuelling is that food does serve to bring people together, break down social barriers and create a basis for well-being and stronger work environments. There is today a lot of emerging research and scientific evidence which supports the important role of food service.

· Vested – we are delighted to running a series of interviews, from across the world, on how the Vested model can represent better trust and behaviours in the world of outsourcing. The model is not for everyone or every situation but it is a positive narrative to emerge.

· Claymore Events – a partnership with Alex Buchanan and Catering Scotland to host awards for the excellent work of schools in Scotland in nurturing the young. Has it ever been more important to have a focus on how we nurture talent through great food and support services? Our aim is to host an awards dinner in November and already we have sponsors being very supportive. This will be for all schools both private and state. Again there are so many great stories of great innovation and work which come through.

Our agenda is simple, to create frameworks that allow for new narratives and initiatives to have a voice and an opportunity.

James Greetham
Hattie Mauleverer