Building a cross sector, international community to benefit industry as it looks towards the future: The Entrepreneurs Club

We have been encouraged by the strong response since we announced the relaunch of The Entrepreneurs Club and it is already bringing together interest from all across the industry. It has attracted talented entrepreneurs from the UK and from abroad – from Germany, Mexico, Australia, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland.

It is a potentially exciting period as it does feel as though there is a real desire and energy to build business in the face of all the difficulties. Many do believe that the economy is performing better than many forecasters are suggesting and even if it isn’t, the feeling is that many are hungry to embrace the challenges head on.

When EP first launched its work with Entrepreneurs almost a decade ago, 95% of the entrepreneurs were UK based. The fact that this now appears to be far more fluid and international also does highlight the changes taking place across industry. It also illustrates how all can rebuild economies together.

The club’s aim is simple; to build a strong community which can serve to benefit industry as all begin to look at the emergence of a new era. It did designed to support new talent and to share the best ideas which emerge.

In the next week or so, we will be announcing the first entrepreneurs event in partnership with a leading law company. Our aim is to also develop informal sessions which serve to just bring together all to talk and share knowledge with ideas.

We may face the toughest of challenges but the club does highlight the hope, the energy and the desire to see better and make a difference.

Come and get involved and together this community can be an energy source for the future.

Contact Lauran at for more information.