Bruce A J McLauchlan

evolution-bruce-a-j-mclauchlanBruce’s wisdom spreads across a number of essential business disciplines:

• Procurement: Bruce headed procurement for High Table (subsequently Avenance / Elior UK)

• Retail: with particular focus on maximising footfall, spend per head and overall profitability

• Communications: as communications & design director, his specialities centred on events designed to enhance employee engagement – including induction, conferences and awards events; additional engagement came through exploiting the full array of the 21st Century’s media options.

These proficiencies are underpinned by twenty years of craft and operational knowledge.  Direct experience across a number of foodservice disciplines, including business & industry, heritage, retail, education, healthcare and travel, creates significant demand for Bruce’s capabilities.  Always able to articulate innovative – and appropriate – solutions his methods have demonstrable successes.

A passionate believer in the principles of The Customer Journey, Bruce has used these as the basis for his Company: TopTen Partnership, which he founded in 2009.