Broadening our horizons

Broadening our horizons

We are delighted to announce two strategic partnerships that will enable EP to provide a greater breadth of expert industry insight and knowledge is a global industry portal serving over 40,000 subscribed hospitality professionals from 218 countries. We plan to work together to bring an international angle to our communications on the sector, review international conferences and add insight from the hospitality professionals across the world. This will strengthen communications on the hotel and restaurants segment of the market to meet the needs of the hotelier’s community.

Apart from adding value through industry insight, collaborating with ehotelier will allow us to share our entrepreneur’s and emerging leader’s stories with a global audience.

Chris Sheppardson, EP’s founder, commented:

“We are excited by the alliance with ehotelier as we can bring greater international news to our readership whilst at the same give global profile to our initiatives, and campaigns. We both share common values in that we want to grow through constructive debate and dialogue with industry. Both of our organizations are passionate about leadership development and are seeking to co-promote this agenda over the next few months along with increasing the amount of information shared across our communities. We strive to engage our audience through the best information and by challenging the thinking of our readers and we believe that our alliance with ehotelier will add an extra dimension to this objective. “

nellerdFacilities management and foodservice professionals will be pleased to hear of our alliance with Neller Davies. Founded by Julian Fris, it is a boutique FM Consultancy that is involved in various government industry initiatives in foodservice.

By partnering with this organization, EP will be able to drive more agendas on issues affecting the sector such as nutrition and waste management. Neller Davies will provide insight on government industry initiatives influencing positive change and resonate with leaders within the sector.

For more information on initiatives run by EP and to get involved with the community please contact Nicole Thompson

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